Tattoo Body Jewelry: Hottest New Trend

An ultra hot look in fashion and on the streets today is metallic temporary tattoo jewelry. You may have noticed your favorite model or actress showing off a gorgeous delicate ring, necklace, or bracelet that gleams with an unusual intensity. The reason for the incredible gleam of the gold or silver may just be that the jewelry is not actually metal, but is instead a delicate stenciled tattoo!

These types of jewelry tattoos are most popular in the metallic shades, namely gold and silver. They look incredibly real and easily mimic the appearance of genuine gold or silver jewelry, and some people love them more than real jewelry. You don’t have to make a huge financial commitment with metallic tattoo body jewelry, and you don’t even have to make a major time commitment the way you would if this was a traditional tattoo. These temporary tattoos are only a short term fashion accessory, one that can make a major impact on your style. A tattoo of this type is something that will stay on your skin for around four to six days, depending upon the amount of wear and tear it receives and whether you wash that area of the skin or not.


The price for these tattoos is usually quite reasonable, and you can easily buy them yourself on sites like Most people will find it relatively simple to apply these temporary tattoos at home. You need to choose the area you want to apply, make sure the skin is clean and completely dry, then place it carefully. After that, you simply wet the back of the tattoo and allow it to set. This will usually take around ten minutes or so, but it might vary depending upon the specific tattoo that you have.

When the tattoo is ready to be removed, it will be easy to gently separate it from the skin, and it will leave the metallic design behind. You need to be careful with the tattoo, not exposing it to water or other substances whenever possible. With the right care, you will be able to wear the tattoo for quite a while, using it as a beautifully and convincingly real looking accessory for many different outfits! This can be a great way to try on the hot trend of body jewelry with little investment and no long term commitment. To learn more about temporary tattoo fashion jewelry, you can visit the Sktrendz site, located at sktrendz news.